UAVO training

Our growing company is a team of professionals associated with military and civil aviation with vast experience including a specialized team of engineers and technicians as well as pilots and uav’s operators. We are a team that implements ambitious projects based on its own technical base, necessary infrastructure and professional IT support tools. The combination of passion and experience of specialists in many fields gives us unlimited possibilities to carry out the most demanding projects. We are prepared to provide not only comprehensive solutions, but also to offer flexibility, speed, availability and individual approach to the customer.

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Aviation Technik is a company involved in the development of modern technologies in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles, mainly used in civil operations. We provide services in the field of theoretical and practical training as well as comprehensive services related to the civil use of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Our comprehensive solutions include:

  • design and production of UAVs based on own engineering and technical facilities,



Working radius: up to 15 km

Flight duration: up to 60 minutes

Payload – 6 kg



Working radius: up to 5 km

Flight duration: up to 75 minutes

Payload – 5 kg



Working radius: up to 3.5 km

Flight duration: up to 30 minutes

Payload – 3 kg



Working radius: up to 3 km

Flight duration: up to 28 minutes

Payload – 2,5 kg

Our systems use our original solutions of solutions autopilot, flight management applications and groundl control stations

  • UAV’s operators training

  • services using UAVs for:

    • crisis management centers;

    • searching for missing people, also over water reservoirs,

    • coordination of fire fighting actions,

    • security of mass events,

    • evaluation of agricultural damages,

    • orthophotomaps,

    • supervision of investments,

    • flood protection,

    • the control and supervision of railway infrastructure - tracks, power lines, etc.,

    • monitoring of pipelines, forest areas,

    • recognition of possible chemical contamination and threats,

    • oevaluation and support of the elimination of road and rail disasters,

    • protection of people and property.

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